What Casino Movie to Watch this Quarantine

Gone were the days when we rent DVDs if we cannot go to the cinema. Now, we only need a Netflix account to access thousands of casino movies. If you only want to watch a film then go to a casino, there are many choices dedicated to this theme. We will take you to some of them, and you can add them to your casino movie must-watch list.

#1. Ocean’s 11 – The Fifth Highest Grossing Film of 2001

Ocean's Eleven

There are many things to love about this movie. First, it has the most fabulous set of characters with Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney on the top list. Second, the plot is quite impressive.

It started when a former convict reestablished his gang to rob the wealthiest Las Vegas casinos. Third, the film is full of twists and turns that only an excellent writer can pull through. While it is not the original casino movie, the classic version is not on Netflix. We guess you will enjoy the colored graphics here.

#2. Win It All – An Unfortunate Story of a Gambler Who Used A Friend’s Stolen Money – casino movie

Netflix casino movie - Win it All

This 2017 film takes on a predictable plot. It is about a valet who has some gambling issues. He is only working to feed his addiction even if he is undergoing therapy. At some point, Eddie’s friend left him a bag with some cash and tools in it. He later discovered that his friend stole the money, and Eddie cannot stop using it to gamble. He lost a lot of it, and he feared that his friend would go after him once he gets his freedom from prison. This original Netflix movie talks about problems related to gambling.

#3. Casino – A Classic Take on Gambling Addiction and Mafia Activities


This film is an all-time favorite. Even if its setting was back in 1995, many still find this movie entertaining. Now that it is available on Netflix, you can quickly look it up and learn why lots of viewers enjoy it. The craft portrays different emotions attached to money and power. With an all-star cast of Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone, expect an award-winning crime film between an enforcer and a casino owner.

#4. The Gambler – A Professor Who Fell in Love With A Student While on Debts – casino movie

Netflix casino movie The Gambler

In 2014, The Gambler took centerstage. Mark Wahlberg fell in love with Brie Larson’s character. Jim Benett (Mark) is a professor who has a bad habit of gambling. When he lost all his money after losing in a casino, he asked help from a loan shark, but he was never able to pay it. He fell in love with Amy, who was working in the same underground casino, and she got involved with his professor’s schemes.


Gambling is a favorite theme when it comes to Hollywood movies. Whether it is the main story or only a part of it, it has some impact on the film’s grandeur. Since you cannot get out of this quarantine, you can open a Netflix account and search for our suggestions. You will never regret it.

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