Sherlock’s casebook


Are you looking for a unique online casino game? If your answer is yes, then look no further than a Sherlocks Casebook. This award-winning casino game has an awesome design that includes 5 revolving reels, up to 25 actives and many themes. This online casino game is also featuring exciting themes like Sherlock Holmes, Britain, Detective, and many more.

The RTP (return to player) rating for the Sherlocks casebook is high, with an average time of 97%. This means that the person playing the game can return to the game anytime they want without restrictions. Most of the action takes place on the first five reels. However, on the sixth and seventh reels, there are some minor challenges, consisting of a scene with ghosts and enemies, which will require the player’s attention. At the end of the game, there are three treasure chests that can be opened to obtain one of three badges, which include “bumbling burglar”, “professional thief” and “detective”.

The price of the game is around $50. In addition to buying the actual casebook, you can also buy the add-ons that include premium art, premium chips, discount cards, a free themed avatar, a free playing account, and a code to activate a player’s premium gift. Although you can see that there are a lot of items, some are still a bit pricey. On the other hand, casino experts advise that you buy the premium gift and save it instead of buying a lot of add-ons which you might not use.

If you are thinking of a game that has a bit more of a Victorian or Sherlock Holmes theme, then the Sherlocks casebook is for you. It is a relatively simple game and does not have a whole lot of rules. Instead, you just have to think of a theme for your sleuths and have them solve the case using that particular method. You will be presented with five or six reels, each containing a different type of case. You just need to choose one from the available choices, with the rest of the reels being composed of items that you can buy. This means that there are endless possibilities of items that you can use to make your sleuths more efficient.

The free spinning reels in the game have a great deal of variety, allowing players to change their sleuths’ methods depending on how the case goes. You also have a choice between regular and classic cases, which have different content. For instance, in the classic casebook, Sherlock and Watson solve mysteries by uncovering useful information. However, they do not have to stick to this method if they run out of ideas – you can change them as often as you like.

In conclusion, if you enjoy playing casino games, then you will enjoy playing the 1X2 Gaming PC game – and, if you like playing online games, then this is the game for you. It has an original concept, using a mixture of classic and modern ideas to create something that is not to many people’s taste. With its excellent casebook and its numerous free spins, the casebook and its ‘CSI’ sister, the Sherlock Holmes game, make it a must-have.