Gems gone wild power reels


Power Reels is a fresh-faced fresh-fruit-inspired casino game released by Red Tiger Gaming for a popular previous title known as Gems Gone Wild. This highly volatile medium volatility slot machine offers a high RTW of 95,684% and a high top payout of xxt,001. It is highly unlikely that the figures being quoted are actually correct, though, as this is one of those slot machines with a significant base hit rate and is one of the more skillful slot machines around. With that said, the amount of confidence that is placed in this slot machine when it comes to winning big is considerable.

The aim of the game in this version of the Gems Gone Wild power reels game is to find as many gems as possible within a short thirty-second time frame (known as the ‘hot roll} and then capitalise on them for a huge jackpot. If you hit the hot roll, then you will receive a sizeable lump sum of cash. This is because this is where the real fun of this game begins – quickly locating as many gems as possible within the allotted time. Unfortunately, this means that you are going to need a good strategy to make it to the later part of the game without getting smoked out, and as such, you need to carefully consider your every move and carefully consider which actions are going to get you the most money rather than winding up losing the bet you just made! In this light, the various tips and strategies detailed in this article should prove useful when you are trying to get the most money from your gems.

The first tip to consider when playing Gems Gone Wild power reels in the demo version that is available to consumers is to carefully think about the exact location in which you wish to play this slot machine. It is imperative that you do not select a location where there is a large concentration of people or a crowded space. If there are many people in this location, you will have more of an opportunity to win large amounts of money with just a few spins. This means that you should always select a location in which there is no one else present. Otherwise you are simply wasting your time if you are going to try and win big!

Another thing to pay attention to when playing Gems Gone Wild is the location in which the gems are kept in the reels. The gems are all stored in four different places, namely, locked wilds, loose wilds, bonus wilds and the locked bonus wilds. All of these are randomised, meaning that they will be situated in locations that are highly unlikely to actually contain the particular gem that you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a blue topaz gem, you are probably going to locate it in a location that is relatively inaccessible to this type of gem (due to the presence of other, more common gems). The good news is that because of this you will have a much better chance of winning the prize than if you were to try and locate the gem in an unmonitored environment.

The best part about playing with this particular slot machine is the amount of randomisation that it provides. No two spins will ever be exactly the same, as each spin is generated by an algorithm which takes into account the particular patterns that are formed by the seven vertical horizontal bars of the slot reel. This algorithm is what determines what colors will be coming up next, and also the probability that a gem will be available for that particular spin. This means that over 90% of all spins you will receive a gem that you have already picked.

There are also many special “hot spots” which will become particularly useful at certain times during the game. These are represented by golden circles surrounding the seven horizontal bars on the reel. At these times, a bonus icon will appear on the reels which will increase your jackpot size by one dollar. Although this can seem like a small amount of money when compared to the potential payout of a wild, it is still worth keeping in mind and is the reason why many people prefer to play with this machine instead of the more expensive ones. So as you can see, Gems Gone Wild Power Reels offers an all-around game that should prove enjoyable for all.